Form style

Greetings does anyone know how to change the name to the form field, when it arrives to the mail? I attached an image of how they are arriving to the mail:

I want them to arrive alone with the Name, Mail, etc, without the numbers, can I change directly in blocsapp or do I have to change directly in the exported files?

any help is welcome


Hi @nelo

In Blocs 3, you simply need to give/modify the ID of the input field on the right hand side to your choice of word:

I suspect you may be using Blocs 2 however if I recall correctly it is done in the same fashion.


Not entirely sure it’s possible to have it in a clean format.

Yes you can…

Blocs 2 works the same way. Just name the ID. field. I would be nice if it sent a better-looking format but it is what it is. Maybe a bold input or caps would help. I try and keep mine as simple as possible.