Form to Download file

Hey all!

Is it possible to force visitors to fill in the form “questions” before pressing the form-button and getting the file download?

When I try its possible to just press the button and I get the PDF without leaving any information.


I’ve not tried it myself but it looks like this is possible. I think the way to do this would be to have them fill in the form and tick the “required” option for the different fields in your side panel, then redirect them to another page after pressing the submit button where they could download the PDF.

Thanks for your reply!
I was kind of hoping to avoid having a new page for it since then it could be found on google etc?


Not necessarily. Just set up an exception in your robots.txt document on the server, which tells the search engines to ignore that page. Blocs automatically uploads a sitemap and I wish there was a way to disable that, but perhaps @Norm could tell us if a page behind a form is automatically excluded from the sitemap. If not, you might have to manually edit out that entry from the uploaded sitemap.

EDIT: Google indexes linked PDF files by default, so even if there wasn’t a page you would have to exclude that PDF file in the sitemap and robots.txt file. Looking at this again you should probably select the option for “Go To URL” and then link directly to a location on the server like

Thanks Flashman for taking the time!
In this case I think I’ll just take a form from my CRM that can take care of an auto-email instead. The downside with it is the design of the form hehe. I love the flexibility in designing good looking forms in Blocs!

I don’t know exactly what your objectives are, but this should be well within the grasp of Blocs with very little effort. There are many ways of hiding a PDF file on a server, so it only becomes visible after completing a form. If you want to stop people from sharing a link though you might have to consider other options where links expire after a short period of time.