Form Trouble

I’ve had success with forms on all my sites, I’ve been testing a new site and the form works great using my email address. When I use the clients email (or any other email address) it shows success but get nothing. I’ve tried several email address and they all fail. I can switch back to the first one is used (my address) and it works fine.

This does not make any sense. Any one else have this happen?


Have you checked the spam folder?

Yes, I checked the spam and nothing. I went back to one of the email accounts this morning and one came through.
Maybe it has something to do with just updating the name servers on this site. I’ll give a another day and see what happens. Puzzling?


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I had a similar problem at first.
I was advised setting up an email forwarding rule server side is almost instant, but as with a few things, it can take up to 24 hrs for the global servers (and cache) to update.
I had the same problem when I changed my hosting recently, but that was about 6-8 hours until all scripts on my site worked properly.
On email, I think I checked by logging in to webmail to see it it got to there, then waited for it to forward.

It’s still puzzling that it works with my test email address that I set up on my own site, but when I uploaded to the new server it still worked. All I did was change the form email address. I can even change it back and it works again?

I’ll give it until Monday and then try something else. It almost seems that blocs is not recognizing the email change.

Like I said, very strange.


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Casey, is it a windows server?

No its not. I’ve had good success with them and it really makes no sence.

I’m waiting until tomarrow to make sure everything has transferred correctly.

Not sure if maybe Blocs has a problem not changing the email.


It’s easy to see if blocs changed the email - look inside the form handler.

@pauland its not is the form handler.js but its in the form.php file. It does change the address.


The php file is the form handler on the server.

If that file has the correct email addresses ( there are two ) and you’ve transferred the file to the server, then it can’t be a blocsapp issue.

Does this problem happen if you host the sit on your own web server?

Host on your own server with the client’s correct forwarding email. Test the form on your own server and check that the client got the email. If they did and the same php file is on their server (check) it’s some kind of config issue with their server.

Last year one blocs user had a blocs form handler failure that was down to some weird setting on their webhost that wouldn’t forward emails via PHP without some particular setting being made.

Thanks for the help with the form trouble. Must be all the DNS changes have went through as this morning the form is workng correctly. Still seems strange my test email address worked.

Again thanks to all.


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Welcome to the world of servers, they have me baffled daily.

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