Form Web page redesign with Blocs

I have an HTML form page that I’ve used with an outside server for years. I don’t know anything about php or how it works, which seems to be what the form bric uses. Is there code that I can embed in the web page that will actually execute the form to be emailed to me? I’ve used this outside server because I understood that a server had to handle the processing of the form.

I have tried to find demonstrations online but nothing really addresses my particular situation. I thought that simply putting the form in a my blocs page as html code would do it, but when I preview the form after exporting the site, the form will not submit to my outside server.

I hope it is OK with me to post the form as it currently exists on the web:

How can I implement this as a functional form on my redesigned web page with Blocs? By the way, the email address I am having the form data sent to is a gmail account.

I would just rebuild the form using the form elements already in Blocs. That way the form will also use the Bootstrap frame work, be responsive and work.

(click on the image to see the whole image)

Thanks for the response Malachiman. The Bootstrap frame work is a new term to me. I don’t know what that is. I am willing to read or watch a tutorial or lesson about how to do this, if I only knew where to go. Do you have any suggestions?

I can certainly rebuild the form in Blocs. But don’t I need some server to process the form data? How is that accomplished now, if it is any different than how forms worked at the turn of the millennium?

Blocs will create a script for the form. And it will email you the form details when submitted.

I don’t think my server provides PHP handling. I’ve sent support some questions about that. Am I correct in expecting my server to support PHP if I plan to use Blocs to design the form? It won’t work unless my server provides that, correct?

Its been years since I’ve created my email form using an external server. This must be why I did that in the first place, because I couldn’t process forms with what I had as a server.

I would find a new web host if I were you. Thats pretty much a basic requirement these days. I take it you have been with this host a long time??

Correct, Blocs uses Javascript and PHP to handle the forms.

There is no need to recreate your current form in Blocs if you choose not to. Your current form is created in your form processor’s account page. Simply grab the code on the form page in your account and paste it as an HTML snippet in blocs - use the code bric. Your form will then display in your web page and it will submit as usual to your form processor.

This isn’t the best way to go with form processing as you are reliant upon two servers to perform a basic function of modern websites. Your own server where your domain is hosted and a the mail processor’s server to where your form results are submitted. If the mail server is ever out of action, neither your form or its ability to process will be available to your web visitors. If your current host doesn’t have PHP ability, change your host. There are many low cost hosting packages available out there that include things like multiple domain hosting, PHP and mySQL. One host I can recommend is Namecheap. Their smallest hosting package includeds hosting for up to 3 domains and is currently available for 50% off the first year. ($17.28 for the first year) This includes everything you are ever likely to need from a web hosting company.

hendon52 wrote: “Simply grab the code on the form page in your account and paste it as an HTML snippet in blocs - use the code bric. Your form will then display in your web page and it will submit as usual to your form processor.”

This is what I assumed that I was going to need to do when I purchased Blocs, and the form displays but the form doesn’t process at all. Do you have any ideas how to accomplish it?

I still suggest you rebuilt the form, as it won’t be responsive. And you want it to be using Bootstrap 4, especially if you’re remaking your site in Blocs. You can of course use the same form handler you have been using, but sounds like it’s time to move your hosting, in which case may as well do the whole thing in Blocs.

From what has been written thus far, I need to get a server that can handle PHP. Other than this one thing, I need to redesign my form in blocs 3. This seems to be the one thing that needs to be done, from what has been advised here.
Thanks for your advice. I have to wait to hear back from my current host, whether they can provide me with space that process PHP code.
You are definitely correct about being with them for long time. I started with them in 1995, with a CGI-Bin folder in my FTP account. Never used it. Just relied on people calling me. Then a few years later I started using a javascript form that had its own idiosyncrasies. Then I finally started using allfoms free for a number of years.
Once again I’m revisiting the web page after all these years, after having purchased Blocs 3 from an advertisement online. Changing things always brings some challenges but it seems to be part of life.

What I have never done is learn anything more than I really needed at the time about my web page, and when things don’t work there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people that can direct me to a way to learn more. There doesn’t seem to be an intermediate source that can tie my understanding to what now is out there.

I can only comment on my workflow, but this my thoughts.

I would say it depends on the site ( as with many things in web ).

I use 3 main platforms depending on the project. Laravel, Shopify and Statamic ( WP on the odd occasion ).

I have a base set of files I have built up over the years which are continually being updated with each project. I have a set of these for each system.

For front end, these files are things like grids, buttons, forms etc. Things that are common (but styled differently ) on all sites.

Because of the types of sites I build, a lot of what I do is custom build ( rather than using prebuilt templates - not that there is anything wrong with that for specific types of sites ).

If you are just starting out my recommendation would actually be to keep doing everything by hand. Doing it this way, at least in the beginning, will help you learn how everything works. Then once you are comfortable you can then look at using frameworks to help speed up the process.

Think of it like riding a bike. Jumping straight into a framework is a bit like trying to learn to wheelie before learning to ride.

More than anything, just play about, test things, see what does and doesn’t work. Iv been developing professionally for about 7 years now, and you never stop learning.