Formatting help - part of page missing [SOLVED]

Aloha. I have an interesting issue. Building a very basic site… looks good when previewing via Blocs on Safari. When publishing the site, the top 1/2 of the site is missing. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

Can’t say I have read anyone having that problem. Can you send the project file?

Steadicam 4 Sale.bloc (2.7 MB)

Hey @mauicruiser,

You have two pages in the project

Home and Steadicam-For-Sale

The second bloc is in the global area which is why it shows up on the home page. The top bloc you can’t see is only on the Steadicam-For-Sale page. I amended your file.

Steadicam 4 Sale - modified.bloc (3.2 MB)

Some docs about it…

Aloha Malachiman. Thanks so much for helping out with this. I’m baffled how I managed to create a second page when building this one page site! The price of working too late I guess. Anyhow, thank you again for your kind help. Much appreciated.

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