Formatting Navbar (again)


Further to this post, I’m still struggling to get the (standard) navbar to look how I want it. However, I’m not entirely sure whether it is possible to achieve.

When the dropdown is shown it always seems to have a white background. In ‘:normal’ state, want all of my text to be white on a coloured background: white-on-white doesn’t really work.

My question is: is it possible to change the colour of the background of the dropdown and, if so, how do I achieve this?

So far, I have tried making adjustments to the following classes:

“.navbar”, “.navbar.nav” and “.navbar-nav li a”.

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Hello Hugh,

Just select the list for the dropdown menu, add a new custom class and change the color of background to anything you want. Similarly, you can add custom class to all links and style the text in any way you want.



Make sure you have you primary menu set to none. Then as Eldar suggests it works great.


Brilliant. Thank you @eldar and @casey1823.

The only thing I seem unable to change is the line height between text. Is this a custom subclass?

Thanks again,


Did you try adjusting the padding instead of line height?


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Thanks @casey1823 - adjusting the padding helped.