Forms: Custom error message for Email field

In Blocs 3 it is possible to enter custom error messages for form fields. This works really great with one exception: when a form field has the type “Email”. I entered some text in the box Error MSG for this field, and it kind of works. If I don’t enter anything in the Email field and click submit, my custom error message in German is shown. But as soon as I enter a partial Email address, it shows the standard english bootstrap warning.

Hi @gary

You will need to modify the jqBootstrapValidation.js file after export (as the default is in English).

It is quite easy to do. I use Brackets app to open and modify. You can search for instance “This is not a valid…” and then modify the text as you wish.

My understanding is that once you have translated the necessary you will not need to re-modify it - just make sure every time you publish you do not overwrite the translated file you have previously uploaded.


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Wow, cool, thanks for the tip MDS!

… and that’s the important part of the procedure.

It’s supposedly something @norm is looking to address as mentioned here a few months ago.

Yeah 3.1.0 will address it. Beta hopefully starting next week.