Forms for dummies

New-ish to blocs and this is the first time that I’m attempting to utilize a form(s) on my pages. So much of blocs is great because it’s simple and intuitive but this forms business is becoming a real hassle. It seems simple enough - fill a space with a form widget, adjust the fields as necessary, then adjust the form settings to “self hosted”, enter “send to” and “from” email addresses, then load it all up and go to town. Except, it’s not working!
The page I created with the form (though other pages have forms, I want to fix one, then figure it out from there) can be found at Have a look … see, nothing fancy - just asking for a name, email address and a message. No dropdowns or radio buttons or anything “complicated”. Yet, I’m apparently an idiot because I cannot figure this out and it’s driving me nuts!
So, I turn to the legion of bloc-heads to offer their assistance. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Hi! Watch the free videos made by @Eldar I was on the same situation yesterday, it really helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I’m having trouble tracking down that video though. Could you point me in that direction please?


Its seems your form is ok - it submits with a success message. If you’re not receiving the form information, I suggest it may be a server problem. Many hosting companies will not allow forms to be forwarded outside of their own domain, so if you were using a gmail address, or an email address on a server other than your own, you can encounter a problem. The ideal solution is to set up an email address on your own domain and use that to receive form results.