Forum Suggestion for SOLVED issues

@Norm or whoever designed and has control of the Blocs forum. It would be really great if we had an area where all solved issues were easily found. I know you can find them in search, but if the most important had categories would be really good. I know it’s a huge task, so maybe begin with just version 3.
Thanks to all of you who have gone out of your way to help us. :grinning:

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Hi @KBConcepts

As a regular member, I have started to add today the term SOLVED to posts that have indeed found a resolution (mea culpa if I may be have set the term to actually unsolved ones). However, I have come across the fact that I can only edit 23 per 24 hours.

My 2 cents, I also believe any member of this forum should edit the title of their post once it has hopefully found a resolution.



That’s a great start. :grinning:

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