Free font conversion app


I’ve discovered a rather cool free app for web font conversion that avoids the need to convert files online.

Just drop an OTF or TTF file and it automatically generates a folder containing TTF, Woff and Woff2.


Initially I was wondering why it doesn’t include EOT or SVG, but to all intents and purposes they appear to be dead as web font formats, so it’s pointless uploading them. They have been deliberately removed from the app.


This is a really cool find, thanks for bringing this to our attention. :-:grinning:
Once the fonts have been converted, how are they imported or used in Blocs?


You need to add them via Preferences > Manage Fonts. Now select the toggled menu and choose Local Web Fonts. Then press the + sign and select the chosen font folder, containing the font formats.


Thank you :smile: I have not yet done that, but I’m going to play.