Free SSL

Hey guys! How is it going? If anyone need a free SSL for their page check cloudflare is for free and works super good!
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Stewie_Griffin for bringing this to our attention.

How does this help if they only allow 3 pages for the Free option?

I guess if you have a single page website.

That’s not correct. You can have as many pages as you like on a free plan with Cloudflare, but you are limited to three individual page rules.The real limitation is 100mb in cached site size, which is more than enough for most sites.

On a side note, most web hosts these days seem to offer free SSL through Lets Encrypt, so if you are only doing this for the SSL it would be easier going through the web host. I use this together with Cloudflare on my own sites for full strict SSL and better security.


I have 3 pages haha! But normally when you get a domain the hosting give you a free SSL only for one domain. In my case I have 4 with the same hosting, so 3 are not protected and it cost 30 euro per year if I want to get a SSL with them (1and1) So this is perfect! For sure it will be useful to a lot of people :slight_smile:

Find a better web host! These days they should be free for all your domains with a one click install.

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