Freehand Class dialog

I see the following dialog every single time I type an existing Class name into the “Classes” field in the right sidebar for different objects on the page:

I don’t notice any difference when I click “No” versus when I click “Yes, set as…” Two questions:

  1. What is the difference in clicking No or Yes in that dialog?
  2. How do I set a default answer so it doesn’t ask me that question every single time I type an existing class name in the Classes field?


James W.

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Somewhere on the page you have added this class manually (padding/margin). Moved slides TBLR.
And it created in css menu manager. I had that too on one of my images. Accidentally moved the slides. Just delete it from menu. and it will not show up. that was my solutions.

This bug can happen when you not click on elements but instead you accidentally start to move object. This sensibility drag/drop is very high on blocs :smiley:

What does the above sentence mean?

Top, Bottom, Left, Right.


Thank you for explaining that acronym for me. But I’m still a bit confused because I don’t have any “slides” that he mentions. Hmmm…

I believe you are talking about Margin Controls.

The margin freehand controls are initially hidden when an element is selected. Pressing and holding the ⇧ key, will reveal them. Dragging these controls allows you to freely move and adjust the element on the design canvas.


Thanks for explaining this. I was in the meeting and tried to help. Sorry for not explaining it better.

Thanks @August

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Thank you for the clear explanation. And yes, I hold down the Shift key and drag out padding all the time. But I still don’t understand why I see that silly dialog box all the time or what it really means to me. I don’t understand how to get rid of it permanently either. Do you?

I have clicked both of those buttons in that dialog box and I don’t see any difference in the class. So I don’t understand the purpose of that dialog box.

I’m not sure why you are encountering that dialog but for the purpose of rounding out the thread regarding the Freehand feature, here is the help page:

Currently its just margin, sizing and border radius, but perhaps padding and other properties will also be added eventually for various visual editing. :wink:

Thank you. I just finished reading that page in its entirety. But I still don’t understand. Ditto my previous post. I so NO DIFFERENCE when I click on either button in the dialog box in question. I see the same Class sitting in the right sidebar, regardless of which button I click on in that dialog. And when I edit the Class sitting in the right sidebar, I don’t see any difference in the content of that Class, regardless of which dialog button I clicked on.

I simply do not understand what that dialog box is all about in the absence of noticeable differences that tell me what that dialog box is actually doing. Not if one of you can please explain that, that will answer my question soundly and bring this thread to a final conclusion.


James W.

Regarding the dialog, did you by chance create a custom class named “h4-style” via the class manager, then maybe also rename something that was using a freehand class, to the same name as the custom class you had previously created? Or something along those lines or vice versa regarding naming/renaming?

If so then something such as that may be what caused the mix up and is presenting this dialog? Otherwise assumedly @norm should be able to decipher and factor in what might be causing this alert.

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Via Class Manager? No. But I may have originally typed it in manually in the right sidebar, within the Classes field – I don’t remember.

Upon further looking and testing I’m now not sure either, maybe @Norm can confirm what exactly the difference is.

I haven’t noticed any difference in the exported code, regardless of the option selected by the dialog.

At first, I thought you were getting the issue due to reusing the autogenerated “freehand classes” opposed to manually assigning the freehand class to a separate class you created using the chevron symbol , (ie. h4.h4-margin-bottom vs something like h4.subheading)… However, I do not see a difference either way and the dialog pops up regardless once freehand controls are used.

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