Freehand margin controls still not working?

When 3.2.1 came out with various issues, I went back to 3.1.2. I figured that 3.2.2 would have likely fixed a lot of the main issues found in 3.2.1, so am trying to use 3.2.2 for a current website project.

I see the freehand margin controls are not working properly. It seems that if they’re going to work at all, it’s when you first launch Blocs. But then they just stop appearing. Is this everyone’s experience? @Norm ?

Because we can’t use our plugins with multiple versions, it’s very time-consuming to remove them all from a previous version, install them all onto a newer version, only to find out that we are having issues with the version we just switched to.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Allow our plugins to work with all versions. That would at least allow us developers to try new versions without a huge time investment with configuration of plugins.

  2. Please fix the freehand margin controls, or provide a workaround (keyboard shortcut, etc) to get them back if they’re prone to ‘disappearing’ and reappearing.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks

I’m using 3.2.3 b2 and seeing regular problems at the moment, but pressing the esc key does nothing. I find that clicking on another app like Safari, previewing the web page or above all saving the project seems to clear this, but it happens far too regularly with this beta. It can happen after simple tasks like placing a paragraph bric inside a Div.

Im not familiar with this limitation?

I’ll look at the freehand issues. Out of interest do you guys work between apps, copy and paste text from various locations etc?

Yes that happens to an extent, when clients supply text, though I use a plain text formatting utility to avoid contamination.

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next time it happens try simply selecting the parent column for that item and then back to the item again. Let me know if it fixes the issue.

A key is getting jammed down I think it could be a global keyboard shortcut or holder keys down between switching apps.