Fresh install, but problem with assets, class manager, properties

Hi folks,

I got problems with a fresh install of blocs 3, actual version. successfully activated.

  • when added a class in class manager, it doesn’t show up, class manager is still empty
  • when adding a asset, it doesn’t show up, asset manager is still empty
  • when selecting an element, no properties are showing up to be set on the right side
  • not sure if relevant: there is still an icon on the upper right, saying “Buy license”, although already bought license and successfully activated blocs

Deinstalled and reinstalled blocs several times, still the same.

Anyone has an idea?


That’s really strange and obviously not normal, so I would suspect it is something unusual in your set up. Is Blocs installed in the applications folder and are you logged in with admin rights? Just trying establish if you have this installed on a network drive or something similar.

Thanks for your reply.
No, it"s installed in the standard app-folder, no network drive or similar. The user I"m logged in with is a user with admin rights (it"s the only user on my macbook).
It is a little bit strange.

I would file a report with as much information as possible

I would imagine that @Norm is best placed to resolve this.

Thanks again for your reply. I was quite busy the last weeks at work so I didn’t got any time up to now to answer.
I will fill a bug-report-form as suggested with a video showing the weird behaviour of blocs on my macbook.