From Blocs to heaven - SOLVED

Good evening Team,

Working on my next project (a brand of my wife) I am making Blocs work to its maximum level, blocking the system and leaving.

Do not worry, I promise to show you the project when it is finished, so you can investigate my madness.

I take this opportunity to personally thank you for all your support, because without you it would not be possible.

We keep moving! :sunglasses:

Dreamsur (Jesús)

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Is it crashing? You using the beta of 3.1?

Hola Jesús @Dreamsur

¿ Qué pasó ?

No entendí tu mensaje. ¿ Quieres decir que dejarás de utilizar Blocs ?


I may be wrong, I read this as a thank you for the forum and how helpful people here are. And a bit of teaser on something special about to be shared.

Hi @MartinC

I do tend to think the same as you however thought it would not be a bad idea to ask for clarification.

Will see…


With you 100% on that

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Once again I enjoy big with you!

Quiet guys: @Norm @MDS @MartinC, as you have foreseen … At no time have I thought about abandoning this wonderful program and its community.

What happens, is that because I do not have the knowledge of @MDS, @Eldar and company, because many times I have to think through logic, a solution to the problems that are being given, with the humble tools that @Norm puts at my disposal.

And such, and as I mentioned to @Norm this afternoon, I’m determined to make the versatility and functionality of the menus work. Something really important in the user experience.

Excuse me @MDS, my English is not very good, and many times I use the translator to enjoy your company. :slight_smile:

And @Norm, that error has been generated by going hooking various features of the program and force a bit the final result, beyond the basics. (Blocs 3.1 update6)


I wanted to make a secondary menu through a list that I made outside the menu, adding H1 and H2, icons and links, then I have superimposed it on a menu of the brics gallery, and the program told me: Have you become crazy?

But do not worry, in the end after 500,000 attempts, something has come out !!

and as a final, always thank you for your help and dedication, because thanks to you I can improve day by day, and learn from all the talent you put at the disposal of this extraordinary community.

Once again congratulations @Norm, because you have achieved as a brand, something that only the big dreams.

The future is ours.

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Hi Jesús @Dreamsur

Qué bien !

I indeed thought there may have been some language misunderstanding. Translators are helpful but sometimes can generate quite some confusion.

I am happy you have been able to find a workaround and in the end like using Blocs. Indeed, it is really a fanstastic piece of software when you dive into it. Thank you @Norm

That said, I also fairly understand Spanish if that can be of help in the future.

Buenas noches


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Hello Team.

After many months disappeared from this incredible forum due to a serious illness (which I now have controlled), I take this conversation to comment that at the moment I’m just reading all the threads to catch up and re-training with Blocs 3.1

I am very happy that this group is as strong and united as ever.

These days I will join you.

Like Jesus my language is Spanish and my English is not very good, I have to use a translator, but it is worth doing to enjoy your advice and help.

I am totally convinced that the future of Blocs will be incredible.

Best regards


Hi @Wam

Welcome back and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Many users from all over the world are using translators to assist in communicating, which is great. Many members of this forum, I believe are fluent in other languages so you may always in addition to English provide the question in your native language as well. This helps to better understand each request for assistance.

For instance, I am fluent in English, French and have a good command of Spanish as well as German. But that however does not mean though that myself will be able to provide the proper answers. :wink:

Enjoy using Blocs 3.



Thanks @MDS

I am very happy to have returned to this great family.
And we both agree in your comment to write in both languages.
From now on I will do it.
Thanks for the welcome.


Gracias @MDS
Me alegro mucho de haber vuelto a esta gran familia.
Y los dos coincidimos en su comentario de escribir en los dos idiomas.
A partir de ahora así lo haré.

Gracias por la bienvenida.


You’re welcome !

¡De nada!


I also find Blocs very useful. However, I (as a designer) found that some tools could be added, such typography (Character tool such PS), and other tools I found nice on Adobe Muse, yes, yes, Muse is dead and some of you don’t even tried it… but for some years Muse was my go to app to make websites, since I’m a pro in PS, Ai and Id , Muse was super easy. I hope Norm could add some tools and more functionalities to make the designer’s life easier…

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Well Im not a designer and sometimes I find I cant do with blocs stuff you can easily do with other apps… and I don’t think it would be so hard to had the best features of others apps into blocs. I mean is about writing the write code but thats what programers do right?

For example?

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For exmaple this :

Everything in your example can be done with Blocs. The only thing that i can see that can’t be done without a third party add on is the search bar.


Do you realise those are not pictures but buttons right? But if you can do it on a native way please show me :slight_smile:

Yup. they are buttons.


Did you try having a button style? You can set an image and hover image.