From desktop to mobile problem. Help thanks

If I make a page in desktop and I go to mobile, the changes I do to mobile will also be made on desktop… how can I solve this problem, I am sure there is a way but I can’t find it.

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As a beginner, the most helpful video for me was:
Columns in Blocs 3 - The Most Important Feature to Master from @Eldar.
But there are other very helpful videos on his Channel.

Hi Thanks for the tip!
However, my question was that suppose I change the size or alignment of an image or even text options in the mobile version, when i back to the desktop it also has the same changes as I just made on mobile… so what I want is to have different “settings” in different breakpoints.
So if on desktop i have a picture aligned to the center and a heading in bold…and I go to mobile I want the same image aligned to the left and the heading not bold…what happens is that the mobile changes will change the desktop too according to the mobile I just did… It like I cannot make different views in different ways… I hope you can get the point.

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If you format content on the smallest breakpoint first, it will usually carry back on the other breakpoints. If you format something on the largest breakpoint, that formatting may not carry forwards. Column widths are a prime example. Put a full width column on your largest breakpoint and then adjust it to 6 column width instead of 12. Now switch to the next breakpoint and you will see it is a full width column again. However, if you switch to the smallest breakpoint and set the width to 6 columns there, you will find that it has adjusted the column widths on the other breakpoints. The same thing happens with alignment of text etc.

What about when I setup an image as a background in a bloc ( desktop ) and it will appear on the mobile too…but if I delete that background pic on mobile o change it for another image, when i back to desktop also has the image i just change on mobile… my full point is that i cannot make each breakpoint view different from the others… I had tried many times

Yes you can. In the example you cited, you simply make the bloc with its background visible only on the device it’s intended to be viewed on. You would then add another bloc with a different background image immediately after the first bloc. That would be set to be visible only on the devices it’s intended to be viewed on. Although both blocs will be seen in your project file, when viewed in a device, only the bloc intended for that device will be seen. The visibility options can be seen below:

Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 04.27.13

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oooooooh …u see, sometimes the most simple answers are just in front of u. Thank u!