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Revised from Muse to Blocs, with the help of Eldar’s video course. Only thing I’m still not happy with is the very limited “carousel” options for now. This worked way better in Muse.

All comments most welcome.

@RonObvious, Congratulations on moving forward with Blocs from “Adobe Muse”.

Glad you found a “Adobe Muse alternative” that your happy with. I’m sure things will continue to improve with Blocs 3 later in the year. Congrats to @Eldar’s video courses also for helping people like yourself more easily “learn Blocs”.

Just curious what are the additional options you missing and wishing you had ?

Hello Blocs_User,

I have mentioned the short comings of the “carousel” in an earlier topic.

  1. Text needs to be able to be placed below the image - in a static place.

  2. The box that already exists in the carousel, should already have a text box in it.

  3. Forwards and backwards arrows, placed outside the image, at a standard location, so that you don’t have to keep moving the mouse around if the images are not the same size.

  4. The ability to set a standard viewing window size - px width, px height.

  5. Each image will resize to this bounding box, weather horizontal or vertical.

  6. Image is always centered in the “bounding”

  7. THUMBNAILS - to click on a larger image. In muse it automatically generated the thumbnail from the “hero” image

  8. There should be one pop-up “special class” screen that allows you to set all these parameters. No more special classes to just create a bog standard slide-show with a text box below it.

  9. Example websites with this.ées.html
    My own:

MUSE did / does all this!

Ron Obvious

I agree we need a better carousel option, though it should be pointed out that Blocs 3 will be here before long and I guess you could use some 3rd party option.

You can currently solve 90% of those problems by placing images on a square background that matches the colour of the page. A custom class can then set the size of the carousel, thus fixing the position of the arrows.


Thanks for sharing your list. I guess with time we’ll see what new things Blocs 3 will bring.

It should perhaps also be noted that many times people (mis)use carousels, when instead alternative forms of delivery/display of images/content would be more successful and better suited for overall design/presentation. But most importantly would be better for those viewing and using the site while consuming the information provided.

Well Blocs 3.0.7 is here and it appears that nothing has been done to the “carousel” Bric (sad). As posted earlier (Aug 16) I would still like to have the ability to move the > “description text” and [slide count] below the image. I don’t believe there is any way this can be done? Also it would be great if when you select a “carousel” bric, that the [empty container] already has a ‘text box’ in it. What else would you want? Right now you have to add a [text bric] for every slide. VERY FRUSTRATING.

There are many people that use the carousel to show a number of images: eg: photos, artwork, portfolio, etc. You don’t want part of the image obscured by ‘text’ or the < and > arrows. These should also be available to be placed “outside” of the slide.

Any direction would be most appreciated.