From Muse to Blocs..FINALLY DONE! :-)

After a long process of learning…moving from Muse to Blocs…and with much appreciated help from the wonderful & generous professionals on this forum, and especially @Eldar trainings, after many years of use I can say farewell to Muse, as my Blocs built site is now live…

Any feedback will be welcomed…thanks!


That looks great!!!

Thanks Mattheus! The modal bric became a really nice way to accomplish what I wanted, and so I’m grateful Blocs has developed to included it under Norm’s stewardship.

Hi @DanielF

Looks great. Congratulations!!

At the moment I only observe a possible error in the submenus.
View fotography

It appears in 5 submenus

The word “Appraoch” I think it should be “Approach”.


my gosh…I’m famous for typos…thank you so much for noticing…:pray:

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It is normal to have typographical errors.

Nice to help.

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You have done a super nice job on your site.
I like the content and the service very much, so please stick with blocs…
Happy to follow any further improvement :sunglasses: :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much Pixelwork for taking the time to visit the site and offering your feedback!

I still have a few things to tidy up that I’m noticing, and I do have every intention of sticking with blocs…its really working for me and I trust norm’s dedication to improving it!

Hey Daniel,
I didn´t say your site is done :sunglasses:
Just respect to your efforts and having the guts to switch from one WYISWIG to a better one.
Still means a lot of work - hey.
Just did a quick site for a close friend of mine with blocs 3 (3.06).
That was in January and hey, @norm has not spend a single night in bed since the 3 version is out.
Looking forward to start redoing my own sites (from v.2.6.5 to 3.x.y)
Still a bit waiting for bit more stable version (3.2.0 does it somehow but still a bit German patience… :rofl:)
What I meant was also your content.
Definetly worth to work a bit on SEO I guess…
…It´s not a that difficult and far away being witchcraft.
Just keep in mind that the “title” is important - Than catch up some important words from the title to the description, and if you want to round it up, use your specific words from title and description in your first H1 Tag.
Those basic SEO can be easy handled with blocs. The structure on the html side is not yet perfect, but @Norm - Papa blocs is aware and will certainly work on setting the meta tags to our benefit/right position (my major concerns are more on apple than on blocs).

You might want to have a look on your contact form. For my taste - I become a bit puzzled on seeing plain white while stepping into the next form field

AND You need to work on your Logo which you could than later use as an Icon (currently the blocs logo is up as an icon when showcasing OUR Mr. Freud :rofl::rofl::rofl:)
Have fun! My sis is married to San Diego, so we might cross ways and roll the dices while playing backgammon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

awesome…thanks for all the guidance and suggestions!

Definitely a work in progress, both in regards to the content of the site which is always evolving, and more so my abilities/knowledge in making a website :slight_smile:

Just added some ‘share’ buttons on my blog post pages and footer with AddThis…whoppi…

Much appreciation to you…

YES…this is actually a specific question I posted on this forum, as I was wondering how I can change that white background when you roll off the input field…perhaps this is controlled by the browser and is not changeable in blocs? If so, I will reconsider the aesthetics of the Form.

Well, I guess it´s all up to your classes…

uff uff uff @Norm - ist there some chance to make a blocs User know what and what not classes?
Oki. different issue. Bootstrap classes in blocs…
Presets vs. Possibilities.

is there a class for this? I couldn’t find it online. And I don’t no what custom class to create to control the background color of a form input field when you role off it after entering some info into the field

Wow…these sites are impressive, filled with tons of info, must have been quite the effort to organize it all and figure out how to visually structure it…well done.

There are tons of classe working on blocs according bootstrap 4 but never was a clarification by the Master despite links to official Bootsrap 4 sites.
Well, as a non coder those sites are still a bit “wimmewommie” to me, but try to learn.

Yes, filled with good infos. Blocs is not my first choice to handle (Cms´s like Modx or Drupal were my first steps).
Smalll business, focused on costumers satisfaction - so blocs was a great try.
But blocs is not blocs without apple and that is my biggest concern.
Apples current Philosophy is just driving me nuts.

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Anyhow, for your needs - and supposing you , Freud and C.G jung are working together on this site alone, you have done an amazing job.
Dive deeper in the abilities of this app, for you it will reward you with stunning results, pretty sure!

Make sure caring a bit SEO, things you passionate provide and work on are super keywords.
Go ahead!
For your needs Blocs is a super app!

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Nice work Daniel. Very nice. I love the overlays and all the other little touches you added. The 2 things that jump to me is:
• Getting a proper logo for your site (which also means getting a Non Bloc Favicon as well).
• Getting your site an SSL certificate. It is the norm now that all sites get SSL certificates. Otherwise it will definitely work against you when it comes to trust and SEO.

Good luck!

Really great! What font did you use? It seems like Arvo but it’s definitely not…

Gosh Fubeman – thank you so much for taking the time to check it and offer some guidance.

I will defiantly look into the SSL, I hadn’t thought of that before.

For the logo, another thing I hadn’t considered before, I just thought that was an easy place to place my name so as to unclutter the body of the page…is there some value to having a logo? This is a new question for me…so I appreciate any further guidance you can provide.

Best to you!