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Hi all,

I have put this in general discussion rather than help as am after ways of how people go about publishing their websites.

Page Publishing
Yeas agoI used cyberduck, and now wordpress (just testing it still) and then I used Rapidweavers in built FTP - it was buggy but the thing i liked is if I made a change on one page, then all i had to do us re-publish that one page.

I am throwing my all now into Blocs, and want to make sure im doing this 100% right and the best I can.
@hendon52 im sure you said about splitting your site up, so im guessing If I had 2 pages which I will update regular, its best to design them as a separate project and just make changes to them and leave the other sitting on the server?
I take it - the links, just send them as links to the new URL for that page? so guess this would screw the site map up? and will google see this as ok - or can this have an effect on SEO?

Forklift help for newbie
Is there any way to do this with any of the others? I am going to purchase Forklift very soon as many recommended it and any advice you can help with!!

Also is anyone able to offer any step by step advice as I dont want to screw up how I do it.
Basically i have a holding page on my current website which I knocked up for speed on Wordpress - and my actual site is being done in Blocs - I want to remove all from my server on my holding page and anything else I had previously (I can do this by logging into 1and1 and remove I guess?) and then just publish my whole site via Forklift.

Anyone able to offer some simple step by step for doing the publishing? any tricks, ways of doing it in Forklift that you didn’t do to start with and realised it was much better to do it this or that way?
@Malachiman and @Flashman are users I believe - any advice for a forklift novice!

Basically, foundation im fine with - wordpress is kind of publish for dummies! and want to make sure I am uploading things into the right place and doing it the right way from the start.

Thanks guys.

When you split a site into sections, you would simply replace your page links with relative links to the appropriate folder. This will not mess up your site map. If you think about it, your images uses relative links to a img folder, so too does a site that uses clean URLs, so having content pages in individual folders isn’t going to cause any problems. As long as the links look like internal, rather than external links, search engines will follow them.

When it comes to removing the Wordpress installation, you should have an option in your host’s cPanel to do this. Simply click on the quick install apps and find the wordpress option. If you select wordpress it should tell you it is already installed and give you an option to uninstall. This will completely remove wordpress and its database, leaving you with a clean website folder. You can then upload your new site through your preferred FTP app.


As @hendon52 suggested for removing the old WP site. When using Forklift I have found it super useful to save a workspace. Basically set up your bookmark so you have selected the local folder and FTP destination, then once connected make sure the panels are in the order you want, which in my case always means local folder on the left and server on the right. You can now save that as a workspace and simply clicking on it opens everything in exactly the right place.

Unless you need to mess with files like htaccess I would also be inclined to hide invisible files. Finally there is a sync option that can also be saved as a bookmark, which is super fast and convenient. I tend not to use that during development, but I believe @Malachiman does.

N.B It take a little while to learn Forklift and I was initially very resistant after using Yummy, however it’s an excellent solution once you take a little time to learn what it it can do.

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Workspace and Favorites are nice in Forklift but the best feature in my opinion is when you click on the sync button there is an option to save the sync. I then have a Forklift icon added to the Mac top menu bar and the saved sync are in a dropdown list. I can now work in blocs, save, export the update and just click on the menu icon and it will update the site. It’s a huge time saver!



thanks everyone, I will come back on here if I hit any trouble !