FTP Clients

Hello, I have just joined the forum and glad to be here. Coming from Adobe Muse to Blocs, I will now need a recommended FTP client to upload site(s) I use an iMac with High Siera and there are several in the Mac app Store, but am looking for personal recommendations, which always beat advertising blerb.Many thanks


Strongly recommended.
I use for over 10 years now.
Lifetime upgrades.

If you want something similar to the Finder take Forklift.

I have various FTP apps, but my favourite is Yummy FTP Pro. It’s not cheap, however they occasionally do flash sales where you can download it for a couple dollars or even free, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for that. The support and features are excellent. https://www.yummysoftware.com

Filezilla is free - works a treat!

but word of advice - you should do a secure file transfer using SFTP as opposed to FTP, in fact some hosts won’t even let you FTP

Finder allows FTP connections, why not use that? Its very simple and its already on your Mac! :grinning:

To upload my site files to my servers, I use SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) via Terminal. Of course that’s a bit different from FTP, but it works really well.

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Transmit and Forklift are at the top of the food chain. Transmit never seems to get reduced but Forklift does occasionally. Having a fully featured easy to use FTP App is a fine tool to have.

If you plan on building more than a few websites @webdeersign is absolutely right and it’s worth spending a little to have something really robust.

Thanks all, (thinks) what a nice bunch of people. Food for thought on the old FTP thing…why do I fancy YUMMY - 'must be the name. To replace Adobe Muse, I’m probably going to settle on Blocs, I’m getting a bit ancient to start cramming in HTML/CSS/JS…it’s nearly the BBQ season in UK

I use Cyberduck. It’s free and I am happy with it. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ekdar, I appreciate the advice and might I say I am apreciating your video tutorials on Blocs. I got them all and am working my way through

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+1 for Yummy. I bought the Lite version (though I then caught the free offer of Pro posted on this forum).

In both cases, I just typed in the address, user name and password for the site (two different sites) and did nothing more. It offers a simple two pane window, set the left one to show your exported site on your HD and then drag it to your hosted storage in the right pane. It couldn’t be much easier.

I can see that there are many more features but I’ve not had need of them.

It looks like Blocs exports the full site every time, otherwise you could benefit from the wonders of synchronised uploads that only uploads the pages with changes. One of the great strengths of Yummy is the bookmarking where you can set both the local and server destinations that makes life very easy.

Yummy offers me the option when overwriting (Replace) files on the server to only replace non-identical files. I have read that as a delta update, a poor man’s sync (clearly it won’t delete obsolete files, only update changed ones but that’s fine for layout tweaks etc).

I’ve mainly used the synch option when exporting from Rapidweaver, because I have the option to export only the items that have been changed. From there I limit it to uploads only, rather than general synch to avoid deleting anything in error, however there is a further option to tag elements on the server that must not be moved or deleted and Yummy respects that.

When using Blocs it exports the whole shebang every time, so I just manually delete everything on the server and upload from scratch. The only exception is with remote image folders etc. that remain in place.

The new version of Yummy is no doubt even better, but the old one already has more than I’ll ever need. Sooner or later I’ll have to update for the 64-bit compatibility, since the old version is a 32-bit app.