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Hi everyone, wondering if someone can help a total novice with a new website.

Am trying to decide between Blocs and Everweb. Host (SiteGround) told me I shouldn’t need FTP in the builder if supports MySQL. No idea what either are…
If I buy Blocs will I be able to publish the website by simply “uploading”? Or do I need to go through extra steps? Host provides Weebly and Wordpress but don’t like either (and need to pay out more to make them flexible).
I’m completely lost!

Hi Geoff.
Blocs doesn’t have an upload facility. You have to export the html and associated files to your computer and upload from there, either by an ftp programme (there’s been a discussion here recently about that, just search for ftp), or you can quite often upload files in the hosting company’s control panel.
So there are ways around NOT buying an ftp programme, but it does make life easier.

Not at all sure what’s meant by ‘supports mySQL’, so more knowledgeable people than me will probably chime in here.

I tried Everweb for a while (about a year ago) and at the time I found it a bit too limiting, things may have changed, but I went for Blocs in the end and it just seems to be getting better once you get your head around how it works after other programmes.

Best of luck, whatever you choose.

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Thanks very much for replying Trev, very useful.
I thought there was an “upload” in the control panel at SiteGround but can’t find it now… was probably there after I’d installed Wordpress which I’ve now got rid of!
The support team said “Yep, need to know if it supports MYsql, would be great to know that” Don’t know why but they’re the experts…

Mysql is a database thing that has to be supported by your hosting company. If you have scripts that need PHP and Mysql they can be integrated into blocs using the code bric. As for uploading via FTP, I recommend Cyberduck as a simple FTP application - you can try it for free and make a donation later if you wish. Personally, I prefer to use a separate FTP program rather than use an inbuilt ftp solution. I just feel more comfortable selecting individual files and folders when changes are made to the website. Another option is to publish your site to a disk folder (allows you to check it in various browsers before uploading). When you’re happy with the site, select all of the published files in the folder where you saved the site and compress them into a zip file. You can then use cPanel on your hosting account to upload the single zip file to your public.html directory. Once uploaded, your file manager in cPanel should provide an unzip facility so that all your files and folders get published. This also has the added advantage of keeping a zip backup of the site on the server (although you can delete the zip if space is at a premium).

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Hello Geoff,

Nice to meet you! A few quick answers… but before you read all of this - my two cents is that you should totally invest in blocs! Its been a real time saver for me and its paid for itself within the first 24 hours of my investment in it.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and its how you move files from one location (your development location on your machine) and the server that will host them. You can use something like Cyber Duck on a mac to help you with that, its free to begin with and you can take a look at the website for that to get more information on it. There is no FTP built into BLOCs but there is an awesome export feature that allows you to output the results from BLOCs and then preview and test via a brewers on your local machine. Very nice!

mySQL is a free version of MicroSoft SQL (Structured Query Language) and that is a database standard that a lot of full stack developers use. It’s been around since the 80s, its fast, free and almost ubiquitous for web application developers.

Each hosting account on a server will include a lot of features, including access to mySQL databases. Wordpress uses these, also some e-commerce sites, and many forums and so forth use them. You would know if you needed them because it requires a combination of php code and sySQL queries and that gets fun really quickly! Ever web claims to have a built in blog, and I take that to mean there is some database structure involved there but I didn’t explore too much on it.

Your hosting account will have some kind of control panel for you to use to do some file transfers one at a time, sometimes this control panel is called cPanel, but there are others. You may be on Plesk, or Webmin - just look for the links called ‘file manager’ and that will get you on the way. If you are moving a lot of files at once, Cyber Duck is best. You can zip files and move them, but once you have a live site going, you may find that you don’t want to wipe out changes on your live server with a sweeping replacement. Also - check out the File Manager feature on your hosting account because you can even edit some ‘live’ files directly via that, saves time if its just a spelling error or something like that. That can be both unsettling and exciting, depending on your comfort level.

I hope this helps!

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hi @Geoff

you can use the GitHub with siteground or any other webhost

unfortunatly blocsapp does not have direct git connection

but you can easily download the git desktop app

and connect you repository with local folder and on the siteground

so every time you export the statics site to you folder

all you need to do is open GitHub desktop app and push

that’s all

here is the siteground instructions on how to do this : https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/sg-git/clone-github/


Thanks all for your help… it’s a bigger more active community than I was expecting!
I’ll go through all the info in the morning (getting late here!) - there’s a lot to get through.
True saying - “you live and you learn” :grinning:

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So I took the plunge and bought it.
The community here was a big influence, the support system and add-ons another.
Might sound stupid but that Brick - Particles, for free, blew me away! It’s awesome… when you move your cursor in them they all move. Bloody amazing!

You can expect a load of dumb questions going forward… :rofl:

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Some dumber than others, we hope! :slight_smile: Don’t panic, we were all in the same boat at some point, and I’ve just about got a toe over the edge.
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed once you get your head around blocs and Brics. @Eldar has a good course and a lot of Youtube freebies to look at.
The hardest thing I find about this forum is finding the right words to search for. I know it must frustrate the hell out of the knowledgeable ones answering questions over and over again, but honestly, it’s a great resource. The help is second to none.

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Thanks Trev, I’ll try not to ask too many daft questions. I’m going through the videos and they’re a great help.
I did make a site for my wife many years ago and it wasn’t bad… used Freeway 6 but that has gone by the board now. XWay promised but not here yet.
I like the modern approach of Blocs… and as I mentioned some of those add-in Bricks are stunning.
I will probably add a page to my site called “Chill” and fill it with the Particles Brick. :grin:

Same with me. I was a Freeway user for years, went to Muse, looked at XWay (which has similarities to Blocs), then Sparkle and Everweb.
Kept using Muse until I found something I was happy with and ended up here.
I’ve redone most of the Muse And Freeway sites in Blocs now, and there are differences, but negligible.
And now with Volt CMS, it seems that Blocs is ‘coming of age’.
Best of luck with the learning curve.

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Hello again! Just thought I’d drop an update that might be useful to some.
I made a very simple test page and did a quick export to a folder I named WebTest1 on my desktop…
I checked the hosts help pages and found the site is hosted from a folder called Public_HMTL (found with file manager in site tools)
There is an upload button in there. I chose upload folder into the Public_HTML… and it didn’t work, got a 403-Forbidden message when going to my test site.
Got onto SiteGround’s Chat Help and they told me the files need to be taken out of the WebTest1 folder which they did for me… and it works! So looks like I don’t need CyberDuck so far but thanks all again for the help!

Hi Geoff, that’s correct, the index.html and all associated files and folders should be in the Public folder, and not within another one, so they’re top-level in there.
A lot of hosting file uploads will sometimes only let you upload files rather than folders, so to get around this, I’ve zipped/compressed the website (the contents inside of your WebTest1 folder) and uploaded this as a single file, then uncompressed on the server.
You may or may not have this option, it really only becomes a pain if you have lots of pages and folders within the site.
Good stuff though, but keep the idea of a file transfer programme like Cyberduck in your head just in case anything you do gets a bit unwieldy.


Welcome to Blocs @Geoff

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I used to use Everweb

I changed to Blocs. I’m glad I did

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