Ftp Question

Hi Guys, just a quick discussion. How many of you here struggle with ftp or find it difficult to understand and would much prefer a solution where you could just select the blocs export and have it made live straight away. Thanks


Personally, I prefer to undertake the ftp separately. A lot more flexible, but I can see a case for a simple one click in blocs to ftp your site. Though I see it as potentially a lot of support for @Norm and a distraction from the true development of blocs functionality.

Hi Scott,

Check out this thread for answers to your question.



Cheers Eldar :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you mention that?

Just wanted to see if such a tool was needed. Turns out according to the response on twitter that it could help a lot of people that are not sure the best way to ftp.

Best wishes concerning this new endeavor of yours.

The new blocs hosting setup is going to be a complete overall than the previous version and i’m aiming for it to be the best option for blocs users.

Is your new FTP endeavor tied into the overhauled hosting ?

I hadn’t realized you were redoing your hosting offering as well. Best wishes with that also this time around, I remember the previous was not online very long.

I just rushed into it last time with not much thought. I still own the domain blocshosting.com so might as well use it. The new site looks a lot better. Users can log in and stop their package as well as a much better support system. The site also outlines what the features of the server are better.

Well good luck, again best wishes concerning these new endeavors of yours.