Full screen image minus navbar

I need a fullscreen hero image with a navbar at the top with a solid background colour, edge to edge… I trued the Hero text left block but I get a gap each side of the navbar, even when using negative margins in the blocnav class editor

So I tried a regular navbar and a fullscreen image below it. Works as I want, but now the height of the navbar offsets the image off the bottom of the screen

I saw this user had the same problem

You see the fullscreen image is now too big, and if you want to add a bottom row to that hero image with a down scroll icon, it wont be seen.

anyone have this problem ?

Not quite sure I understand. Do you want the hero image with it’s navigation to be full screen width? If so, just set the whole bloc to full width. The hero image set at full screen will always ensure that the image fills the screen, but it will not change the width of the navigation, so also activate the full width option to ensure the navigation bloc also fits edge-to-edge.

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 14.27.39