Full width video header

Hi guys, I’m trying to put a video in my header but I don’t want it to show the player margin. Does anyone know how to remove it? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey @Stewie_Griffin how are you?

Similar thread the other day…

Hey Man! Im good thanks, here on quarantine hehe. How is it going in New Zealand?
So I need to divide height and the width of my video right?

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Didn’t work for me!

Did you read the thread.

yeah! but I keep having the white space

Awesome, we are in full lockdown too, but dropping a level next week, so business can get moving.

Did you set the block padding to 0 and also on the column? You have to do those things too.

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ah that no haha! by the way do you know how to fix the crashing between to versions of javascript? Used var jQuery_1_10_2 = $.noConflict(true); but didn’t work.

Here we supposed to get out the quarantine on the 11 of may lets see…

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Hope it goes well for you guys. Our transmission rate has dropped big time. We went pretty extreme rather quickly. Seems to have paid off, now we have to save the economy :face_with_monocle:

With JavaScript, I’m not 100% sure, as I have never had that problem, but I think you can just add $.noConflict(); after the script tag??



Lot of cases but getting under control apparently

About the JavaScript I think will get someone om fiverr to fix it :joy::joy::joy:

Fiverr is so handy aye.

Oh wow. Amazing. Hopefully we all get out of this situation really soon.

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