Fun gallery

Hey there.

I’m trying to create a new kind of gallery but it’s a little bit tricky.
If you have any idea… Thanks



Looks interesting! Could you provide the URL, so we can see what happens when you click on any of these?

Thanks Eldar. In fact this is a simple over bloc that makes the image darker with a link. My subject was more about the gallery structure. I wonder how i can build such a bloc

Hi @Pikous,

Just had a play and I can’t figure out how to do it ! I do have a way of doing it in another builder, but now blocs is my main one - I wanted see if there is a way and I can not find a way to do the 2 x single images split on the bottom right…but I only spent 15 mins looking !

I can do a much simpler version of a large image on the left and the right side have this split in half (top and bottom).

Good luck ! - sometimes I do find its best to work with what we can do in Blocs than create what is done in other builders…ive learnt my lesson on spending 15hrs on a basic design!

Maybe some of the experts on here can chip in with their knowledge.

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Thanks Adie. That’s exactly what i’ve tried too. Another builder made it simply and i spend a huge time to split the column in vain. I’m still waiting for other answers.

A simple solution could be like this (but it doesn’t win a beauty-contest)

  • create a bloc with 2 columns
  • put an image placeholder in both blocs
  • select a double column bric under the second column
  • put image placeholders in there

Now the trick will be to have the sizes of the images correct, so they line up nicely.
(in my small example they don’t… shame on me)

Let each image trigger a modal; in this modal you can only put a big picture, set the size as you wish and give it a background (transparent) color

Masonry is your way forward.

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I like the masonry gallery but its a pain in the backside

when you start placing images at some point the one you want at the top suddenly moves down and an empty space appears

they just won’t stay in the same place

You can actually do this with Card Designer and will look incredible. The hard stuff Card Designer has figured out already and done so in a unique way that’s ideal for this. Let me see if I can dig up a demo I have.

…and don’t forget about Tab Anything, though I think CD is best for this one.


Hi @whittfield

Can you make gallery masonry with card designer and do you think tab anything can do it? I’m interested in buying the pro version soon for a client

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I don’t think that combining Masonry will work with any of the custom bric solutions. That’s just not how masonry works. You need to build the “grid” yourself in Blocs. (easy to do, check Eldar’s resources)

Tab Anything Pro could also be used in a similar fashion, but the blocs canvas will be entirely different as you are building. For the particular challenge in this thread it’s a “cleaner” build with Card Designer.

But you are right that Tab Anything Pro is very capable and would be awesome as well, just takes a little more work to get it there. But there would be some advantages in using Pro, I’m just not sure they outweigh the ease of using Card Designer here.

There so many uses for Tab Anything Pro. If you’re working with clients I’d say it’s a no brainer.

Just a note, I’ve been asked to provide some sort of demo to the download for PRO. to get people started. I will have that added, but It’s not there right now, but it’s coming.

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Thanks for your response @whittfield.

I can’t visualize all the possibilities of tab anything pro in my design. I have noticed that when there are several tabs links, they are grouped on a scroll button and at no time have I seen the responsive side of tab links in block when there are 3 or 4 tabs links obviously. Beyond that it is normal to put on a scroll button

I really look forward to seeing your future demo. Good luck :wink:

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I’ll need to send you some info. I just don’t have time to get deep into right now. Be patient and I’ll circle back with some more info.


In that case i’m waiting cause i already have card designer ! Thanks