Fun While It Lasted!


Is this what you’re after?


@sim, that looks promising I will take a look at it, I would have preferred if it could have been done with no code, but for now all I care about is that there be a smoother transition. Thanks!


It can be data driven.


Yes, I tried it and it does work.

Although I did run into a problem when trying to style the nav links in that once I set the data source to PRIMARY MENU then Blocs LOCKS the link items int he list. Trying to select one of these links in order to attach a class does not work because you cannot select the locked item. At least in BETA 5 you cannot select the locked item. This makes it very hard to style the menu items. I can see an argument for locking them, but how does one style them if they cannot be selected?


You can style them via the project settings text options.


@Norm Yes, I tried that but could not get it to work with the new support you added for styling the link for the current page. If I set the color for the link in the project settings it appears to override the color that is trying to be set by the class that is doing the styling for the current page. The only way I can get it to work is if I DON’T set a color for the link (in the NORMAL state) and let Blocs handle the styling. But then I don’t get the color I want.

What am I doing wrong?