Gallery Brics with filtering category (Much needed)

Hello all,
I would like to know whether any brics available on similar to

It’s really helpful for categories the projects, such as link above :point_up_2:
Or any expert would like to help me how to intergrade this codes to the Blocs App.

Thank you!

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Hi @iPrint,

There isn’t a bric for this, but it’s fairly straight forward. A good guide that got me started a few years back on isotope filters is this one.

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Hi @iPrint

were you able to create the functionality using isotope

wondering as I am also at the same point but find hard to understand the isotope


They haven’t logged back in since they first posted the question.

@Hotel, if you want someone to implement isotope filters into your blocs project PM if you like with details of what you are after.

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