Gallery carrousel . may I know when thing could happen? thanks!

Gallery carrousel .
A gallery that moves right-left like a carrousel does. This will add a whole new dimension to the carrousel bric! and we don’t need to keep adding more and more galleries that makes the page very long. oh?
may I know when thing could happen?
Of course different carrousel galleries, 1 row, 2 rows etc…come on guys
thanks! :blush:

I don’t understand, there is already a carousel included in Blocs.

Yes I know. but not a carousel gallery. it’s not difficult to understand. A gallery brick that it’s also a carousel so you can add more pictures and people just swiping right or left. Now the gallery brick is just static. Check the image I’m posting. It’s as clear as water.

Weavers kingdom has a responsive owl carousel bric, slide gallery

OK but this should already come with Blocs, I mean even Muse long ago had this option. Also Weavers K. slide gallery doesn’t have “adding rows” it has one row for what i can see