Would it be possible to achieve this gallery in Blocs, if so how would one go about it ?



@Chris this is doable and possible with the Blocs Beta you can Hide and Reveal with an icon or button click using Interaction + Visibility feature :slight_smile: You can try it!

@mackyangeles I have the Beta but I dont think it would be possible to have the effect on hover, I am not sure if Blocs will allow snippets of js as I am still learning the software,maybe norm could help with this, as I want to make a portfolio to show the work I do, I would like it to flow and add bit of eye candy so to speak. I will give it a try and see.

Thank you for your help so far.

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@Chris you mean the hover? HAHAHA I don’t think blocs supports the rich hover effect with text. @Norm?

You can attach JS files to the page header and write in all the relevant hooks using id’s or classes, you just can’t preview the results in Blocs.

Cheers both,I quite like the effect hear
To achieve this would be awesome.