GDPR checkbox required for visualize social button


I understand, the Blocssite not stored personal data.
But the information is mandatory. Which (the statement) will be contains the information, this site not stored any personal data. But it is still compulsory.


No, I’m talking about the public information.


This is so confusing.

So every website in the world on the 25th of May will require a popup on it regardless of whether it collects personal information or not?

All websites now need to have a popup on them stating what exactly? “This site does not collect your personal information”


This is so confusing.

Yes. Me too.

So every website in the world on the 25th of May will require a popup on it regardless of whether it collects personal information or not?

Not. Only in the EU, or the target is EU.

All websites now need to have a popup on them stating what exactly? “This site does not collect your personal information”

Yes. You need to have a privacy statement.
Every EU site memebrs need to create a privacy statement and privacy policy.
The privacy statement will be public on your website, and the privacy policy not.
This is the law. But the law is very long - 119 pages - and uses many professional terms.
In many ways, it is not clear.
But every EU members country has a Privacy Office and Data Protection Commissioner.
They publish recommendations.


Here’s my take on having updated quite a few sites in preparation for GDPR compliance.

If you have a contact form or email link, then you MUST have a short simple Privacy Notice that explains why you are collecting names, addresses, etc, what you will do with that data, how you will protect that data and explain how a user can find out what data you hold on them. Before you send the contact form you need a checkbox and the message that the user agrees with the Privacy Notice before they can send the contact message.

Use local fonts and avoid any CDN downloads from other URL’s.

If you are using Google Analytics or any other Analytics, OR links to social media sites that show a number of likes, then get rid of them all and wait for the non EU world to catch up after May 25. Make sure you don’t have any cookies as simple sites don’t need them anyway.

Simple links to social media do not need any additional GDPR explanation.

Here is an example site (not created in Blocs) where if you look at the contact side it shows what I believe is needed. I actually removed the contact form and used a straight link with an obfuscated email address. See

Edit. I believe that if you do not collect data, set cookies and do not link to other URL (edit: to load anything) then just need a Privacy Notice that explains that and no pop up is required.


So if on my website I have a link to follow me on twitter and link away from my site, I need to provide a popup?


No cookies. How come it shows as having 2?


I do not share your criteria.
When a user of your website clicks on a social link, the social network selected IS compiled the user’s data.

To cover this part, it is better to hide / visualize the social buttons with a button and a warning message.

See footer web:


Im interested to know, what would be an example of the information published in the GDPR popup on your site?


I should have said link to any URL to pull in any information (edited my post).

Damn, I am infected with biscuits! I will get rid of those.


The privacy policy need to contains too many information.
The policy statement will be brief (short extract) from the privacy policy.
I can’t summarize in a few words the 119 pages law.
It contains too many conditions.


how big is this popup going to be then?


One solution could be that the pop-up window only warns that the web meets GDPR requirements and refers the user to the “Privacy Policy” for it to read.
In the pop-up window I would put two buttons:

One “I accept GDPR” and when I clicked I would go to the “Privacy Policy” page and once I have entered and read the privacy, from there I could go to the web page of the webpage.

Another button “I do not accept” and it would not enter the home page.


Not big, but required a very clearly visible (almost intrusive).
It will be contains a short notification message and link to own site to the policy statement.
And must be contains a checkbox or “OK” button. Something similar the cookie warning.


The bottom line is very simple to understand. If your website doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information that gets stored and further processed by your server YOU DO NOT NEED ANY pop ups or notifications - period!

If you provide forms on your site, you have to have an explicit consent box that enables you to keep the information submitted and use it in some way or another. If the information is to be used in any way other than direct communication with the site visitor, you should have a policy statement (preferably within the form) stating how you intend to use the information submitted.

If your site is set up to do some serious data mining behind the scenes, you will need a full blown policy document that sets out exactly what information you are collecting, how you intend using it, who you are going to share it with and details of how people can examine and remove that data.

If you are providing links to social media networks (or any third party website for that matter - as this forum does), it is the responsibility of those websites to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations. As long as you don’t collect user data in the process (tracking or ad links etc). you do not need to obtain the user’s explicit consent - you’re just providing a link that users can click on or ignore.

The remainder of the 119 page law is all about the records you should keep if you are collecting, storing or sharing data. It covers data protection policies that need to be implemented to keep website owners compliant with the law. Such policies revolve around procedures and the protection of data from exploitation by others.

So, look at what it is you’re doing. If you intend gathering and storing information, then you will have a major headache complying with the regulations. If you just want to provide a few links to social networks, you will be covered because only logged-in members of those networks can effectively use the links. To do so, they have to sign in and agree to the individual terms and conditions of those sites. The worst that can happen is the visitor ends up viewing a public page on the social network which they could do even without your helpful website link.

Stop making this piece of legislation more of a monster than it may first appear. It’s simple common sense legislation designed to let people know if your are collecting and sharing information about individuals. If you’re not doing this, you have very little to worry about. Can you imagine what would happen to forums like this if we we took the measures being proposed in this thread? There would have to be explicit consent boxes attached to every post containing a link to a website - how mad would that be?


For example if the website contains contact form, not enough a checkbox about the information submitted. In this case we need to write and visualize a policy statement. It follows that the information obligation, what is covered the GDPR law.

The website site that doesn’t belong to the authority of GDPR law, maybe not to use anything.
But its features are very limited.


Does anybody remember when web design was just about persuading clients not to use Internet Explorer?

All this GDPR is giving me a headache and I don’t see any changes on Apple’s website or Amazon for that matter. It just seems to be local church choirs or the village shop who are sending out newsletters in a state of panic and intent on making it as complicated as possible.


I haven’t seen boxes on websites but policy of privacy, content, cookies are to be visually present. All this GDPR thing is looking mess at the moment but in the long run it might benefit users in Europe as they have list of options in their control.


I’m just curios, any update about my request?


Unfortunately not, Im still working on supporting local web fonts. I recommend looking for an alternative popup script that you can implement via page settings and global attachments.

Like this but for GDPR. If you do come across one, let me know and I’ll help you implement it into your project, it should be trivial.