GDPR Consent Popup

Folks I’m hoping to add a built in function to a display GDPR cookie consent popup for Blocs sites.

I’ve been hunting around and found a few this one looks like a decent one.

For those of you who have implemented your own, have you come across any good open source ones??


ihavecookies looks good!

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That one looks fine. Settings to change all text and style label, text, link and button would be ideal.


I’ve used this one in some cases


We are using the same as @mr_xing

@Norm & Everyone Else,

I just got my new Sticky Alert running - It will be available for the community for FREE - just give me a couple days to get everything ready. It can be used as a consent form for GDPR or any kind of alert needs w/ 2 configurable buttons, can be attached to the top or bottom of the page & disappears when you click the close icon & of course lots of styling controls :slight_smile:

Here’s a sneak peak:



I was just reading that GDPR does not apply to the European Commission itself, having exempted themselves for “legal reasons” from their own law, so I guess that is one way of not needing a popup or having to rebuild your websites.

What a joke!

Ha, that would be a big joke…
Where did you red that?
Personally I am getting more calm as I have learned that it´s again just a guideline - so every country copes differently.
E.G. The German cookie law was never implementet as it was in other contries.

Also the GDPR EU agreements with US-Shield should be considered…

“Another RUBBER law” great stuff for sharks to threaten poor website owners.

Anyhow, there is nothing wrong to work on a privacy policy - just to be on the safe side.

So far I’ve read it in the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express, but both by chance. It’s not something I was searching for. The Telegraph article has more detail, but it’s behind a paywall. Here is the express article.

"This bombshell revelation follows an “embarrassing” leak of personal details of hundreds of citizens by the European Commission.

This leak would normally constitute a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if other organisations had done it themselves.

However, a spokesman the commission said, based on “legal reasons”, European institutions are separate from the GDPR."

Great, Thanks for your efforts

Is this really the official EU website?

awesome work, when can we find this nice work to apply on our sites :slight_smile:

It’s available now on my site: Sticky Alert

I’m working on requested features & as soon as I can get this last difficult part figured out, I’ll be released a new version :wink:

P.S. New version 1.1.0 is now out - enjoy & donate if at all possible !



I actually just found something when visiting a blog post about GDPR here

The implementation seems a bit heavy handed to me with the big slide out panel, but it is certainly comprehensive and comes through

Hello mr_xing
the code that develops where it should be inserted ?
preview works ?
thank you, sorry for my english


the code must be insert before the “”.
To do this in Blocs click on Page > Page Setings > Add Code.
Then be care that you choose “HEAD”

If you need more hel please let me know.

Kind Regards

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Thank you
I followed your information, but it still does not work off line.
It works only on line page ?
thank you

Yes - you have to test this online.

  • You should be able to see the modal on local machine. You can also safely place the scripts in the footer if you wish.

  • Try changing the script urls to their long-form. ( add the http:// or https://)

  • The shortcut works on servers but doesn’t work locally so it’s not loading the script.

Also, if you decide to use the services to determine country of visitor that will not work locally. You will always see the modal locally. But when uploaded to server it will behave as intended. Showing up only for those countries which GDPR applies.