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Aloha Norm:

Don’t get me wrong your documentation is great, especially when compared to RW.

For me though the biggest hole is the fact that it is hard to ferret out the details, most of which have to do with how to use the various classes and sub-classes.

For example, on the site I’m working on I would like to have the items in the global navbar indicate with a different color the currently active page. I’m sure this is dead easy but I cannot figure it out. I watched a video that Eldar has that showed how to do it in Blocs 2, but that does not carry over to Blocs 3 at all as many of the options he used are either not available or somewhere else that I’m not aware of, or can find.

There are many small examples like this that I know there are solutions for, because Blocs is clearly powerful enough to provide them, but they are not obvious to someone who is not well versed in the app.

Which is why something like a cookbook is so useful as it would really be a bunch of little recipes that someone could look up to see how something is done.

I think my biggest beef with the documentation is simply the lack of concrete examples, like this really simple one, of many, that I’m trying to solve. Things are generally very well covered but for me it is just a lack of details, I learn by seeing examples of how something is done.

I know it is probably hard to divide time between documentation and coding, because anytime spent on docs means fewer bugs are getting fixed. But solid documentation means less support needed ultimately.

Please don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about the documentation, I’m just trying to find the path of least resistance to getting the knowledge I need to be really productive with Blocs. You are dead right though compared to say the RW documentation tours are way ahead of the game.

I’m super happy with Blocs, trust me! I just want to get really good at using it and squeezing the most I can get out of it’s capabilities.


That’s good to hear.

If you could compile a little list of these mini recipes I could get some added to the current docs.


Hi Robin,

I am glad to see you are enjoying using Blocs!

Like @Flashman said,

I will cover every single feature of Blocs 3, but to be honest, you need to just understand how the core features of Blocs work to master it (working with columns, custom classes, etc).

I have created about 200 videos for Blocs 2 over the years, and I am on my way to create even more for Blocs 3 this year. There are already about 50 videos just for Blocs 3 on Blocs Master and my YouTube channel, and about 15 more new videos are coming this week.

By the way, in my experience, the videos from Blocs 2 series are still quite helpful and apply to Blocs 3 as well. For example:

To summarize the video I have created for Blocs 2 (take a look at it below), you just need to understand that the global area is the same for all pages. As a result, you need to move the navigation to dynamic area and modify it on each page manually. Not very intuitive, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds and it’s the same story in both Blocs 2 and Blocs 3.

I am committing to release a new pack of videos every month this year, and I spend many hours thinking what will be the best topic to cover in each month’s update. I have started with the essentials like Columns and Custom Classes (coming this week), plus I tried to cover the whole process in Blocs for Beginners course.

I also think that Blocs Knowledge Base is so underrated. I use it very often for reference when people are asking me questions about Blocs 3.


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