Getting started: A TON of questions: HELP!

Afternoon, I’ve just got the trail version and am having a play, and looking a lot of help :slight_smile:

To kick off I’m replicating this site as close as possible:

I’ve now got the hero header sorted, with the help of the folks on my usual (Rapidweaver) forum, but they are fed up with my stupid questions now so have sent me here.

So, the first question…

Can I add an overlay to the image background in the hero?

hello @SteveB, and welcome to the forum.
Just one question, you get a Trial Version of BlocsApp and went to RW forum trying to get help for Blocs App?
I’m wondering :thinking: why do they send you here?!?

About your questions, all members are here to help, but you have a magnifier symbol :mag: in the top right of this page, and try to write “overlay”, you will found a lot of topics with that question. And you will found a lot of topics with different questions.

We try not to replicate topics, so we keep the forum cleaner. But we are here to help.

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If you want just a dark overlay choose that in the texture setting in sidebar if you want another color then you need to do that off of the site

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Cableguy, perfect, thanks.

Pealco. Yes, I went there first as I like to make life hard and enjoy a challenge. And I did search, but couldn’t find the answer, hence the post. Now I know the effect is called a texture in Blocs not an overlay, I’m sure the solution would have been easy to find using the search, but until you know this stuff search ain’t much help.

I think it was covered here Adding overlays on images, videos?

Actually a texture option linked to colour selections would be very useful.

Welcome to the community :pray:


Q2: I want my headers to have a choice of 2 colour: Dark or light grey. My firt thought as to how to do this quickly is to etup two custom classes, headPri and headalt and set the colours in these classes accordingly. The, just add the class to the header bloc as required.

Would this be a sensible approach, or is there a simpler way to do this?


You can set header colours to anything you like. Depending on your overall usage of different header tags you could always set one in project settings then create the alternative as a custom class. From your question it sounds like you want to create something similar to way Foundation works.