Glitch "Done" Class button becomes Transparent or Gone

I have a two things going on here…

  1. the “Done” button becomes transparent and doesn’t indicate a click nor does it close the dialog box
  2. If you look in the upper left I keep getting these blue shaed areas popping up when hovering over the edges. (where it says “Working”)
    If I save and exit sometimes the “Done” button works again…sometimes…
    The Blue area is intermittent. Anybody have this occur?

Sorry I posted in wrong category.

What are you asking about? You asking about a site you are building in Blocs? Could you post a picture? A picture is worth a thousand words and it would be much easier to help if I could actually see what you are seeing.

Ha…didn’t even notice that the picture didn’t upload…duh
I already trashed screen shot… but this button…the Done Button was transparent and did not work.

Closing down the Blocs app a few times finally brought it back to life. The blue shaded areas show up inadvertently and intermittently…at least that’s what it seems like. I thought maybe it was showing marigin or padding areas…

That’s much better, now I think I am seeing what you are asking.

Well, I’m not an expert, but that first problem you mentioned seems to be a bug in Blocs.

You might be able to do something about those blue shaded areas. I think they may just be the margin area, as you said. If those areas don’t show up in the exported HTML project, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

They just show up intermittently…maybe the new release will have that fixed…@norm