Global and visibility

I find that blocs in the global area do not respect the visibility settings. I submitted a potential big report but wondering if this happens to anyone else?

Seems ok for me, an easy mistake but make sure you have the right element/Bloc selected or the bric you need to target.

Yeah I thought that was the issue but I am confident that I am selecting that bloc. It acknowledges in design mode as it greys it out but still shows in bloc preview mode.

Interestingly, it works in browser preview but after publishing it does not.

Just tried a few combinations, all working ok for me here, even after publishing. Maybe some screenshots may help

If not, attach your project and let Norm take a quick look

Sounds good, thanks for helping @Brocky120

Found the issue: When html/css files are minified, it appears it breaks the visibility. Also, the Nav bar that is in global will not stick when those files are minified.

Can you test @Brocky120?

My HTML/CSS were minified and worked. You are saying if your Nav Bar is a sticky inside the Global area it does not stick?

May definitely be worth reporting it to Norm for him to look at.

For me, when the code is minified, the nav bar doesn’t stick. When not minified it works as expected. Yes, it’s set to sticky.