Global section question

Is there a way to disable the global feature/setting, say of a bric within the global area?

For example, I am coding a breadcrumb trail at the bottom of the page and I need that section to be different on all pages obviously.

I should note that turning off the global feature isn’t an option as I do use it otherwise.


Just create that one bloc with the styling you want in the dynamic area, then disable the global content for that page in the page settings.

If you want to repeat very similar blocs on every page, just duplicate them to another page to cover the bulk of the content, then make small adjustments as required on each page, such as your breadcrumb trail. It’s all possible as long as you keep it outside the global area.

Yes, that is a solution.
It would be nice if we could disable the global feature on a bloc by bloc basis.

Rapidweaver has a feature like that in Stacks called Partials, but you suffer in other ways with slow performance.

The thing to remember about global is that it is global, but there is no necessity to use global content on any page and the viewer doesn’t know or care if they are looking at dynamic or global content.

Yes but want to use them for efficiency. If I make a bloc template and put that in every page instead of a global, if I make a change to that template I have to add it to every page again

I guess you’ll have to decide on the best route. I don’t know how many pages you are dealing with, but you can take a bloc on one page and simply duplicate it to another page before editing, which is effectively the same as creating a template.

yeah I agree

@Norm a sync option for custom blocs were very helpfull, so that custom blocs were synchronised when making changes to them.

This is something that has been discussed previously and I wondered if it might be possible via iCloud.

No I mean in the Blocs itself. If I now place one custom bloc on one page, change the custom bloc on an other page the first custom bloc remains in the initial state. I want that they are all the same a little bit like the partials which you mentioned for Rapidweaver

OK that would mean something like I mentioned before with Partials in Stacks. Changes can be automatically copied across the website or they can be unpacked on specific pages to edit individually. It’s great in theory, but in practice changes are not always copied across as you would expect and performance can really drag to a crawl. Perhaps it would be faster in Blocs, since just about everything else is.

I think then a sync button should be made for the synchronisation, then performance should not be an issue any more