Global Swatches creating wrong colors

Global Swatches is not working as I think it should. I go into the little swatch sample at the top and add 50 01 1 and the new swatch appears with a totally different number, 66 5 0.

What am I doing wrong?

And the swatches seem to change as I move through pages. Are they specific for one page?


Apart from the 01 should only be 1 anyway, there does seem to be a bug here. I was able to replicate it happening. The weird thing is, for me it doesn’t happen every time.

@Norm, possible bug?

Actually is there a problem with Catalina and swatches in general?
If I click on a colour sometimes it selects the swatch near it.


Not sure. I am still on Mojave due to my ancient Mac Pro that won’t run Catalina without a lot of messing about.