Global Swatches Problems. Blocs 3.5.3 Stable

Swatches randomly changing their colors on Blocs 3.5.3 Stable when I`m clicking on it…

P.S. The project migrates from previous versions of blocs, few migrations.


Mac OS HIgh Sierra. Latest update

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Yes, I had a similar problem too (in Blocs 3.5.3). When I opened a project, the colors from the last opened project were shown (or no colors at all were shown). And when I clicked on them the actual colors (which were saved in that project) reappeared. Maybe some kind of cache problem.
These were all projects from previous versions of Blocs, I believe, but I’m not sure entirely.
But when I saved the projects in the current Blocs version the problem was gone.


Interesting you both had this issue.

Best to let Norm know via the bug submission form.


I think that it’s impossible to rollback the app to the blocs version the project was created, as I am using auto update…

Hi Edward,

You can rollback to the last update. :slight_smile: There is a list of previous versions of the Blocs installers that can be downloaded from here:

I use an easier method though. Before I update to a new version of Blocs, I always compress (zip) up the existing in the Applications folder and name the zip file after the version.

I’m glad I did this with the last version because recently when I opened up my 3 latest saved projects in Blocs 3.5.3… everything was just gone in my projects. When I say 3 latest, they were all versioned saves… I do that religiously just in case so I don’t have to start all over from a previous point. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me much grief.

I simply deleted the 3.5.3 blocs app, unzipped the previous version (3.5.1 I believe as I skipped 3.5.2) and voila… everything was working again.

My case may be a bit different most people’s setup because I’m still on MacOs Sierra… as I have apps and settings that won’t work on later versions of MacOS.

Thanks for your info!
I done renaming ‘‘untitled swatches’’ and they working good now.

I’m not sure that this is solution for everyone, but in my case its solve my issue.