Google Console issue

I’ve posted this question in the Google Console Community, but copy it here in bold to ask if anybody else has suffered the same issue?

I’ve started getting warnings when nothing has changed … and I cannot see what the problem is.

My URL is

No clickable elements are close together, and no content is wider than the screen. No page can be scrolled side to side, unlike many I see.

"Coincidentally’ my ranking has dropped significantly since this ‘problem’ started.

As you will see in the attachment, the website worked fine. It hasn’t changed!!!

I’d appreciate any help, but in simple language please as I’m not at all technical.


I had the same.

What was your solution?

Hi Ian,

I’m not a 100% sure of the problem or why it’s started suddenly, but I hazard a guess Google is somehow getting confused with all the images hidden until a button is clicked.

Maybe they’ve tweaked things their end?

Are your images loaded in a background images or in the standard image bric? Are your images sized for desktop and mobile devices?

Hi Dave, they are all in standard brics, and are sized for all 4 viewports.

If you take a look at my Google post you’ll see some progress…

@Norm does any of this make sense to you? Is there something Blocs needs to avoid the issue?

I ignored it Ian, as I don’t know what to do!

It was the image protection that was throwing me off, I thought you’d used background images.

It’s not something I’ve ever used before

I was only noodling with it… as one does…!

I’ve had that three times over the last year. Checked it via console then marked as fixed. I assume the problem is their end.

It is not unknown for Google to disagree with itself. This is a company that labels their own emails as spam when sent through their own servers.

Try testing at PageSpeed Insights and see if it raises the same errors.