Google Maps iframe embed GDPR

Hey all, I am embedding a google map via iframe in a blocs html widget. Is there a way to make this map show only after accepting to load google content with a button?

Thanks in advance for help or any tips.

Hi, would you like the button to be inside the iframe? Or just to toggle the visibility of the frame and load the map?

Hello cehweh,

I had a similar situation where I wanted to embed Google Calendar.
I solved it be putting a link on the main webpage with a text that the visitors IP will be forwarded to Google once the link is clicked.

The calendar is then displayed via an iframe on a separate page.

If you want to check out the website, the address is:

Hi thanks for your question, I would like it either way because both sounds as a nice solution. :slight_smile: I guess its just a few lines of code, could you provide both ways please and tell me where to ad it. Thanks in advance.

What do you all think of this solution?

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Basically what I was asking about. (But a reply a month later asking for all the code… :joy:).

I would use a button instead of a link though, better accessibility.

Yes Pete, absolutely agree. I would also add a button with text indicating that when you click, you will load Google Maps. This is particularly important here in Germany in order to avoid penalties. :see_no_evil:

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