Google search not showing the SEO description

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When searching on Google for the website I just finished,
the SEO description is not displayed, depending on the key words I enter in Google search.

Example 1:
Key words: “kanzlei schäfer mainz”
Here it displays the SEO description.

Example 2:
Key words: “scheidung anwalt mainz”
Here it doesn’t, but uses the text of a bloc instead.

Booth results point to the same page.
Now, this behaviour of Google search is new to me.
I gathered that Google seems to think the the SEO description is not relevant for the key words (???).
I also very surprised that the text from this bloc is chosen for the description and not the text from two blocs further down.

How can I convince Google to display the SEO description?

<meta name="description" content="Schnelle Hilfe als "Scheidungsanwalt" und bei Fragen zu Ehevertrag, Gütertrennung oder Erbe. Kompetent und engagiert!">

The description is set correctly and HTML output spot on

As to Google is doing that’s more likely an SEO question than Blocs.
Maybe this is related:

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Thank you for the confirmation and the link!

The funny thing is, the site has a subpage dedicated to “Scheidung” (divorce) but Google has not indexed it.

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