Gradient SPAN Text


Ability to do a gradient text something like this…

:slight_smile: @Norm



You mean like this? :sunglasses:

Check this out!


Awesome, this may be a first for me here but, how did you do that? :flushed:

Is that all done in Blocs or with additional css.


You done it again @Jakerlund! How did you do that haha


I’m curious. :slight_smile:


@mackyangeles @Norm @Ben

Tutorial available here!


This is so cool!!! Thank you @Jakerlund :slight_smile:


It works! Thank thank thank. @Jakerlund


The application on the site looks great! I’m going to look into adding the relevant controls to blocks so you can do this 100% in app. It’s a great effect!


@mackyangeles Wow you used the gradient very well on your site.
It really looks good :relaxed: :+1: