Graphic Alignment

Please have a look at this page on desktop:

If you shrink the browser’s window, you’ll see the photo of Maryon resize… and aligned to the top of the div. My goal is for it to be aligned to the bottom, but am stumped on how to accomplish this.

Any thoughts?

I don’t know what the solution.
You get better-looking results, if you change the background color to #000000.

Yeah… That change has already been made on the live site. But still want her photo aligned with the bottom of the div.

No one can help here?

@Norm? Any thoughts… don’t mind post edits to the code. Tried adding vertical-align: bottom; to the div but didn’t help.

post export adding

#bloc3 {vertical-align:bottom;}

to the end of your css must work surely?

if not try

div#bloc-3.bloc.bloc-tile-2.full-width-bloc.bgc-black.d-bloc {vertical-align:bottom;}

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I am afraid not.

That did it… thanks a lot!