Greek characters page names

Dear forum,

I am trying to resolve an issue related to greek characters.

I need the page names to be in Greek, but ideally I would like to set the folder name (exporting with clean name url’s) in English. So I don’t have to do a custom navigation.

After some research, I found that it is not possible to specify different folder name from the page title and that would be fine if the Greek urls were working.

I have set the language to Greek under project settings, but the links still don’t work. This is the error I get

Not Found
The requested URL /βιογραφικό/ was not found on this server.

Any ideas ?

Here is the website btw

I applied a nasty workaround, I created an .htaccess rule and renamed the greek folder directories into English.

I strongly suggest the development team takes more seriously this feature request.

Hi @stathisaska - I am sorry you are having problems, this is far above my knowledge I am afraid, and wish I could help.

I hope some of the guys with huge knowledge can help. @Eldar might be able to shine some light on this or the developer @Norm - can we help @stathisaska as he is a new Blocs user and just seeing if there is an easier work around for him?

Thanks all.

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Hello @AdieJAM

Thank you for contributing in this.

So after some research, I found out that the issue is resides on the utf-8 encoding of the accented characters. My hosting provider will let me know if there are any workarounds, besides the .htaccess rule I ended up creating.

I think the actual issue here is that we international developers need a page title to be showcased in our language, but the folder structure to be in English. This is why Subdirectories Please is an important feature for us.

I understand why it seems redundant for an English website, but it isn’t for a particularly encoded language.