I know that there was already a similar question. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t found, what I’m looking for. Is there somebody, who has a good tip for a great guestbook (Bootstrap 5)? Thank you.

Have you tried:

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Man. Just had flash backs to BBS days pre internet :grimacing::joy:


I also think, that a guestbook is no longer up to date today. What is the modern alternative to the guestbook?

What’s the goal?

Guestbook are so 90s. Why not use disqus or something similar for commments?

Hello, I need for a client something like a guestbook for their website.

I realise that. I’m asking what is the outcome the client actually wants. Because if they are asking for a guestbook they probably have not been on the internet for the last 20 years. Or they like spam :joy:

As mentioned above disqus is probably a good alternative.

I believe that these are absolute laymen who actually only know a guestbook from the past. I’ll try ist with “Disqus”.

Thanks to everyone for your support. :+1:

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