Gumroad Day Today

Hi guys, today is Gumroad Day. This means that people using Gumroad to sell their themes, custom Brics or other solutions for Blocs, get to keep 100% of their sales today.

This means, if you’re on the edge of purchasing an addon for Blocs, today would be the day to give some extra support to all amazing folks creating addons for Blocs.

Addons I know about that are sold via Gumroad:

Again, these are the ones I know of. Feel free to add more to this list. Let’s give their sales a push today.


Here are the ones available by both @Malachiman & @Whittfield.


Thanks, very cool of you. :grin:


That pretty neat, I had no idea this was a thing. Thanks @brechtryckaert


Since I’ve already got my book up on Gumroad since 2014, I got the message they sent to their creators :wink: So I figured I’d just bring this under the attention of all here :slight_smile: Hope it resulted in a few more sales.

Also mentioned on their twitter apparantly:

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