Hamburger dropdown menu visible, and stays down

Hi all,
I’m doing a site re-do in too much of a hurry, and no doubt that’s my biggest problem!
However, I’m trying to have a standard (non-primary) text menu for desktop view, with the hamburger ideally providing a sidebar menu for the narrower views.
However, when I preview the site, both in blocs 3.4.2 and in a browser, the hamburger dropdown menu is visible without clicking (also it’s a standard dropdown, not the sidebar I want). When I click on the hamburger, the sidebar menu ALSO appears, but while I can see the pagecscrolling behind the menu on clicking a menu option, the dropdown menu just won’t go away.
I have checked and re-checked my settings, but cannot find where I’m going wrong.
Any suggestions/assistance appreciated!

If anyone wants to see the problem, go to:

How did you make the menu? The classes on the navigation look off.

Hi, I added the standard navigation bloc, made it non-primary, and then duplicated the list items to provide the number that I needed…
As I’ve been awayt from Blocs for a few weeks, I clearly need to refresh my knowledge (or lack of it) re. classes.
Hope this helps any diagnosis you can provide.
Should I perhaps scrap this nav bloc and start fresh with a replacement?

Hi All,
In the absence of any other ideas, I have started the nav bloc afresh, and all is now working as expected. Just thought I should confirm I’ve solved the problem!