Hamburger Menu changes on Blocs 3.5

I know there are many “Hamburger Menu” topics but I have 3.5 version and I just want to adjust the hamburger navigation but I founded it very difficult.
My navigation bloc background is red and I would like the hamburger icon to be yellow and when click on it the menu fonts also to be yellow and the alignment to the right and the font also be bold

how to do all this!??

thank uu!!!

I did post on your other post linking you to the solution for the hamburger menu.

FYI Blocs 3 uses Bootstrap 4.

And also here is the class (sub class) to style the mobile menu. You will also see a sub class in the class manager to style the background in the same section.

I’m having this exact issue too. Something is clearly messing it up for me as well. With all the issues surrounding this, I wished there was an easier way to alter the colour. I’m stuck. I tried deleting any classes related to the menu and it still doesn’t want to be something other than white. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Update: I just added the code to the page to change the colour. Though I REALLY wish it was easier.

Yes I wish it could be easier as well. Something like when click on the hamburger menu you can see all the options on the right side you can adjust/change for it, same as when you click on text or picture or other things. I mean, little things like this is what makes a product very efficient. HEY Blocs fans! not saying Blocs is bad or anything, I love the app but coming from MUSE where you have so many options like in Ai or PS or ID…I would l love to have similar options in Blocs too…YES YES MUSE’s code was a mess and some things were frustrating but at the end of the day it was ( for me ) very comfortable to have all those tools/options available. ( I’m not a coder…I’m pro designer so I think a such…)