Hamburger menu color Blocs3

How do I change the Hamburger menu color in Blocs3. I migrated my site from Blocs 2.
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I think this question has been raised a dozen times now and clearly caused a lot confusion. Bootstrap 4 basically allows a choice of light or dark with no colour options. There was a thread a few days ago where somebody managed to find a workaround, so you could colour both the menu and the background. Better still it works with Firefox, which was an issue with some other solutions. Hamburger Menu and horizontal lines changes

In the longterm I think we are all hoping Norm can come up with some kind of built in feature before too long, but in the meanwhile I would like to see a solution posted as a sticky on the forum, so people don’t have to search and trawl through a dozen threads looking for something that works. It could also be added to the Blocs documentation until there is a better alternative.


I agree, hope we get an update for this issue - sure would be nice to style the hamburger menu …