Hamburger menu color

Greetings to all, I have a hamburger menu, the colors of the menu on the desktop is white but when going to the hamburger menu the icon is black, I tried to place a custom class, but no change is applied, someone knows how I can to make the menu go white?

There is a subclass to target the menus toggle icon


I have a background image by inertia I put the white light, but I changed the color in a dark one and the icon of the menu is seen as it should be in white, perfect! Thank you!

Here’s how your .bloc file looked when I opened it.
I just changed the background to a dark blue and did a preview in browser.
Since you seemed to have used a background image it could be that the background really had white as bg color and therefore the menu turned to black.

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I think that’s the issue.
Your file has white as bg color and therefore the hamburger turns dark.


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